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O’Neil v. Ratajkowski

USA - September 28 2021 District court holds model and actress Emily Ratajkowski committed copyright infringement by posting Plaintiff’s photo of her in Instagram Stories…

Jonathan Zavin

Huffman v. Activision Publishing, Inc.

USA - June 8 2021 District court denies motion to strike jury demand by video game developer Activision in lawsuit brought by professional wrestler Booker T. Huffman…

Tal Dickstein

HRH, The Duchess of Sussex v. Associated Newspapers Limited | Loeb & Loeb LLP

USA - March 3 2021 Following a summary judgment victory for Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (also known as Meghan Markle) in her misuse of private information and copyright…

Sarah Schacter

Dickinson v. Ryan Seacrest Enterprises, Inc.

USA - December 21 2020 Ninth Circuit affirms dismissal of Lanham Act claims brought by former model Janice Dickinson over allegedly false portrayal of her in reality…

Wook Hwang

Boesen v. United Sports Publications, Ltd.

USA - November 2 2020 District court grants motion to dismiss photographer’s copyright infringement claim, holding that publisher’s article that “embedded” tennis pro…

David Grossman