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The Cousteau Society, Inc. v. Cousteau

USA - October 8 2020 District court holds granddaughter of renowned oceanic explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau cannot escape trademark infringement, false association and…

Frank D. D'Angelo

Schwartzwald v. Oath Inc.

USA - September 10 2020 District court dismisses photographer’s copyright infringement claim against HuffPost, finding media site’s altered reproduction of photographer’s…

Melanie J. Howard

COVID-19 Litigation Resource Guide

USA - May 22 2020 In March and April, a series of state Executive Orders and judicial administrative orders directed the partial closure of courts across the country…

Frank D. D'Angelo, Lindsay S. Feuer

HRH, The Duchess of Sussex v. Associated Newspapers Limited

USA - May 1 2020 Claimant, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex, also known as Meghan Markle, sued Associated Newspapers Limited, the publisher of British…

C. Linna Chen

Solid Oak Sketches, LLC v. 2K Games, Inc.

USA - March 26 2020 In copyright infringement lawsuit involving depiction of basketball players’ tattoos in NBA 2K video games, district court grants defendants’ motion…

Tal Dickstein