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Belin v. Starz Entertainment, LLC

USA - June 17 2022 In trademark suit by owner of BMF mark against Starz, Lions Gate and rapper 50 Cent based on their production of television show titled BMF: Black…

Tal Dickstein

Whyte Monkee Productions, LLC v. Netflix, Inc.

USA - April 27 2022 District court holds that videos filmed by videographer for Joe Exotic, which were licensed and used in hit docuseries Tiger King, were works for…

Tal Dickstein

High Off Life, LLC, v. Freebandz Prods., LLC

USA - March 30 2022 District court denies motion to dismiss trademark infringement claims brought by High Off Life, LLC, over hip-hop artist Future’s album titled High…

Wook Hwang

Gray v. Perry

USA - March 10 2022 Ninth Circuit affirms judgment as matter of law in favor of Katy Perry, finding that similarities between plaintiffs’ song “Joyful Noise” and Perry’s…

Tal Dickstein

Hepp v. Facebook

USA - September 23 2021 Third Circuit holds that Section 230 immunity under Communications Decency Act does not preclude claims based on state intellectual property laws…

C. Linna Chen