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Davis v. Pinterest

USA - May 3 2022 District court holds Pinterest is protected by Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s safe harbor for allegedly displaying images of artist’s works next…

Marwa Abdelaziz

Second Circuit Signals Broader Interpretation of “Catchall” Provisions in Force Majeure Clauses Under New York Law

USA - April 11 2022 Force majeure clauses have been the subject of much discussion and litigation over the past two years, as many businesses adversely impacted by…

Alexander Loh

VHT, Inc. v. Zillow Group, Inc.

USA - January 26 2022 Ending six-year copyright dispute between real estate website Zillow and photography company VHT, district court orders Zillow to pay $1.9 million in…

Marwa Abdelaziz

Hall v. Swift

USA - December 9 2021 In copyright infringement litigation targeting Taylor Swift’s hit song “Shake It Off,” district court holds that questions of fact remain as to…

Mary Jean Kim

Hunley v. Instagram, LLC

USA - September 17 2021 District court dismisses claim that Instagram’s embedding tool subjects platform to secondary copyright infringement liability where posts containing…

Jordan Meddy