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Federal Trade Commission to Expand Scope of Merger Review Information Requests

USA - October 1 2021 Building on recent changes to and statements about the merger review process since Lina Khan became Chair, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)…

Jah Akande, Wrede H. Smith III, Joshua D. Wade

A New Cost-Effective Approach To Class Action Discovery

USA - June 23 2020 Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, plaintiffs continue to file class actions, shouldering defendants with potentially massive discovery costs…

J. Brian Jackson

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Federal Trade Commission’s Restitution Authority

USA - April 22 2021 On April 22, 2021, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously held that Section 13(b) of the Federal Trade Commission Act does not grant the Federal Trade…

Sarah A. Zielinski

Motions to Strike: Challenging Specific Jurisdiction for Nonresident Putative Class Members

USA - April 15 2020 We recently discussed Circuit Court rulings allowing nationwide class actions where the named plaintiffs could satisfy specific personal jurisdiction…

Diane Flannery, Andrew F. Gann Jr, R. Trent Taylor

DOJ, Federal Maritime Commission to Cooperate on Antitrust Enforcement in Ocean Shipping Industry

USA - March 3 2022 In his March 1, 2022 State of the Union Address, President Joe Biden again emphasized his commitment to increased competition — this time directing…

V. Kathleen Dougherty, J. Brent Justus, Ashley Peterson