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What Significant Russian Sanctions Could Look Like, and How to Prepare

Russia, Ukraine - January 18 2022 As the crisis on the Ukrainian border persists, companies with exposure to Russian markets and counterparties are being forced to reckon with the…

Alex J. Brackett, Edwin O. Childs

NSCAI Recommends $40 Billion Investment in Artificial Intelligence, R&D and Innovation

USA - April 15 2021 Congress stood-up the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) to make recommendations to the President and Congress “to…

A. Rose Stern, Jason M. Vespoli

The Perils of Global Expansion: World’s Largest Ad Agency Sanctioned $19 Million for FCPA Violations, Insufficient Controls

USA - October 25 2021 Global expansion without adequate controls is asking for trouble. That’s the lesson of a $19 million settlement between WPP, the world’s largest…

Alex J. Brackett, Simon Davidson, E. Andrew Southerling, Francesca Titus

Sanctions and Export Compliance Strategies for Supply Chains

USA - August 12 2021 The following is an excerpt from McGuireWoods’ recent contribution to the Global Investigations Review’s (GIR’s) The Guide to Sanctions - Second…

Alex J. Brackett, Jason H. Cowley

The Perils of Pleading the Fifth in the Corporate Fraud Context

USA - April 27 2021 “Pleading the Fifth” is one of the most commonly known phrases in our legal system, and the right against self-incrimination is one of the…

Michael J. Podberesky, Edward L. Smith