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Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s Butler decision affirms well-settled law that grant or exception of “minerals” does not include oil and gas

USA - April 25 2013 The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania issued a long-awaited decision yesterday in Butler v. Powers Estate, reversing a controversial superior court…

Gregg M. Rosen, Jonathan T. Blank, Paul K. Stockman

West Virginia judge recognizes trespass by hydraulic fracturing

USA - April 23 2013 The notion that an oil and gas producer can commit a trespass by engaging in hydraulic fracturing gained traction on April 9, 2013, when U.S…

Gregg M. Rosen, Jonathan T. Blank, Anthony J. Carna

Shale development rights issue certified to West Virginia Supreme Court

USA - April 8 2013 On March 28, 2013, in Cain v. XTO Energy, Inc., United States District Judge Irene M. Keeley issued an order that asks the Supreme Court of Appeals…

Gregg M. Rosen, Jonathan T. Blank, Brian C. Root, Paul K. Stockman

Pennsylvania Pollock royalty gas class action decision interprets Kilmer

USA - January 29 2013 A Pennsylvania class action alleging that gas producer Energy Corporation of America (ECA) had improperly calculated royalty payments experienced a…

Gregg M. Rosen, Jonathan T. Blank, Paul K. Stockman

West Virginia's City of Morgantown hydraulic fracturing ban overturned

USA - August 15 2011 On Friday, August 12, Monongalia County Circuit Judge Susan Tucker ruled that the City of Morgantown’s ban on hydraulic fracturing was preempted by state legislation.

Gregg M. Rosen, Jonathan T. Blank, Jacob S. Woody