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Department of Education to Hold Owners and Investors Liable for College and University Liabilities

USA - April 18 2022 On March 23, 2022, the U.S. Department of Education (ED) announced its intention to hold corporate owners, investors and controlling parties of…

Jonathan T. Blank, Michael A. Brody, Harrison L. Marshall Jr., Akash D. Sethi, Larissa LPC Sneathern, Farnaz Farkish Thompson

Potential Impact of a Recession on Independent Sponsors

USA - January 22 2019 The success and rapid growth of the independent sponsor model has been well chronicled. At the same time, daily articles and commentary seem to imply…

David P. McLean

It’s Just Math - Independent Sponsor Transaction Survey

USA - May 4 2018 As the first half of 2018 continues to show a white-hot M&A environment, the prevalence of independent sponsor activity remains a consistent theme. To…

Geoffrey C. Cockrell, Richard S. Grant, David J. Hornyak, David P. McLean, Thomas E. Zahn

Key Takeaways From the McGuireWoods Independent Sponsor Conference

USA - October 30 2017 With the abundance of cash waiting to be put to work, the ability to originate attractive investment opportunities is the most critical component to…

Geoffrey C. Cockrell, Richard S. Grant, David J. Hornyak, Mark A. Kromkowski, David P. McLean, Akash D. Sethi, Thomas E. Zahn

Independent Sponsors: How To Leverage This Valuable Channel For Transactions

USA - June 14 2017 In an ultra-competitive deal market, investors continually look for attractive opportunities to deploy Additional capital. While “independent…

Geoffrey C. Cockrell, Richard S. Grant, David P. McLean, Thomas E. Zahn