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Despite Past Failures, Meal Deal Plaintiffs Continue to File

USA - October 23 2019 Despite their predecessors largely missing the mark, a new batch of plaintiffs has taken aim at quick-service restaurants’ meal pricing. In the suits…

Benjamin P. Abel, R. Trent Taylor

New Flavor of Labeling Lawsuits: Plaintiffs Allege False Vanilla Claims

USA - July 31 2019 Those who work in food labeling litigation are used to seeing vanilla complaints — that is, standard pleadings asserting the same allegations about…

Benjamin P. Abel, Eric S. Fleming, R. Trent Taylor

Key Takeaways From Food and Beverage M&A and Private Equity Event

USA - November 20 2018 Despite the recent additional regulations, most citations address basic violations, such as sanitation problems. When touring a facility, look at the…

J. Kate Harris Hatcher, J. Ryan Mitchell, R. Trent Taylor

Five Key Takeaways on Food and Beverage M&A and Private Equity

USA - November 17 2017 Food and beverage mergers and acquisitions and capital-raising activity remain steady due to the appeal of the industry’s stability and the continued…

J. Kate Harris Hatcher, J. Ryan Mitchell, Akash D. Sethi, Angela M. Spivey

2017 Food And Beverage Industry Outlook: Part 1

USA - January 23 2017 As 2017 marks the commencement of a new presidential administration, the food and beverage industry is one of many sectors facing anticipated…

Lee Lilley, Christopher D. Lloyd, Christopher A. Ripple