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Department of Education to Hold Owners and Investors Liable for College and University Liabilities

USA - April 18 2022 On March 23, 2022, the U.S. Department of Education (ED) announced its intention to hold corporate owners, investors and controlling parties of…

Jonathan T. Blank, Michael A. Brody, Jon W. Finger, Akash D. Sethi, Larissa LPC Sneathern, Farnaz Farkish Thompson

Income Share Agreements - Risks, Rewards, and Regulators

USA - September 13 2021 An Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a contract in which a lender gives a student money for education, and in return, the student promises to pay the…

Christina M. Egan, Susan C. Rodriguez, Farnaz Farkish Thompson

Colleges Should Brace for Next Phase of COVID-19 Class Actions

USA - April 8 2021 Almost exactly a year ago, the first COVID-19 tuition reimbursement lawsuits were filed against higher education institutions across the United…

Diane Flannery, Andrew F. Gann Jr, Anthony Le, Scott C. Oostdyk, R. Craig Wood

Campus Conundrum: Defeating COVID-19 Class Actions in Higher Education

USA - May 19 2020 In response to governmental recommendations, stay-at-home orders, and shelter-in-place orders, colleges and universities transitioned to distance…

Drew Gann, Andrew F. Gann Jr, R. Craig Wood

COVID-19: With Students Safely Home, What’s Next for Educational Institutions?

USA - March 23 2020 Having sent students home, what do colleges, universities and K-12 schools need to do now - today, tomorrow and over the next few days? Obviously…

Bradley A. Ridlehoover, Thomas William Bruno, Brian D. Barger, John G. McDonald, Michele A. W. McKinnon, Micah B. Schwartz, Heidi E. Siegmund, R. Craig Wood