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Pennsylvania trial court confirms non-severable nature of “dual-purpose” oil and gas production and storage leases

USA - April 30 2014 With the boom in shale gas production in the Appalachian Basin, there has been an accompanying boom in lease litigation, as landowners whose oil and…

Jonathan T. Blank, Anthony J. Carna, Branden P. Moore, Paul K. Stockman

A first take on Robinson Township v. Commonwealth

USA - December 24 2013 On December 19, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued its long-awaited decision in Robinson Township, et al. V. Commonwealth, 63 MAP 2012, resolving a…

Jonathan T. Blank, Erin N. Fischer, Leonard J. Marsico, Paul K. Stockman

Pennsylvania Superior Court rules that withheld royalty payments could not void oil and gas lease

USA - October 11 2013 On September 20, 2013, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania published a decision affirming that a landowner-lessor could not seek payment of withheld…

Jonathan T. Blank, Anthony J. Carna, Branden P. Moore, Paul K. Stockman

EPA reaches landmark settlement with XTO Energy on hydraulic fracturing-related wastewater discharges

USA - July 22 2013 Less than a month after dropping its controversial, multimillion-dollar investigation into claims that hydraulic fracturing had contaminated a…

Jonathan T. Blank, Bernadette M. Rappold, Sahil R. Shah

Pennsylvania legislature approves Pooling and Royalty Transparency Bill

USA - July 5 2013 On June 30, 2013, the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed Senate Bill 259, which implements significant changes to oil and gas laws of the…

Jonathan T. Blank, Anthony J. Carna, Jamie A. Edwards, Paul K. Stockman