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What to Expect in Environmental Regulation for 2019

USA - February 4 2019 Deregulation was one of the primary promises of President Trump’s campaign, and in 2018, the administration continued to roll back environmental…

Charles D. Case, David A. Franchina, Samuel O. Lumpkin, Amanda Kitchen Short, W. Dixon Snukals, Heather Nixon Stevenson

What to Expect in Environmental Regulation for 2017

OECD, USA - January 23 2017 The inauguration of President Donald J. Trump on Jan. 20 began a period of change expected to include the rollback of programs, withdrawal of…

Charles D. Case, M. Ann Neil Cosby, Brian C. Root, Elizabeth M. Rothenberg, Sahil R. Shah, Amanda Kitchen Short, Daniel K. Slone, Heather Nixon Stevenson

Environment 2014: contamination and waste management-related issues

USA - January 7 2014 This year is sure to bring a number of significant changes in the areas of waste and contamination. Areas where changes may occur are in vapor…

Donald D. Anderson, Benne C. Hutson, Bernadette M. Rappold, Heather Nixon Stevenson