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Insurance Coverage for Opioid Litigation Costs

USA - January 4 2018 Pharmaceutical companies at risk of opioid-related litigation should consider whether they are covered by their insurance policy. Liability insurance…

Clifford Katz, Neil Merkl

De-Bunking the Opioid Litigation Epidemic

USA - November 16 2017 If you type ‘opioids’ into a search engine, chances are you’ll be greeted with headlines like: “Opioid abuse is in everyone’s backyard”. The…

Clifford Katz, Neil Merkl

Louisiana Adopts Price Reporting Law

USA - November 13 2017 A new law in Louisiana requires drug manufacturers to report wholesale acquisition cost (WAC) information directly to the state. Louisiana law defines…

Randall L. Morrison Jr, Clifford Katz, Neil Merkl, Philip D. Robben

Preparing for the Opioid Litigation Epidemic

USA - November 9 2017 According to almost every major media outlet, America is now in the midst of an opioid addiction crisis. People across the U.S. are developing…

Clifford Katz, Neil Merkl

A new era: the government's False Claims Act

USA - May 10 2011 On May 3, 2011, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara filed a billion dollar False Claims Act lawsuit against Deutsche Bank and its subsidiary MortgageIT for alleged mortgage fraud spanning from 1999 to 2009.

Sarah L. Reid