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Joint Warning Letter Targets CBD Claims Relating To Infant and Child Uses

USA - October 29 2019 Any parent who has tried in vain to soothe a child suffering from a painful ear infection or comfort a teething baby knows that feeling of…

Kristi L. Wolff

Proposed Amendment to CCPA Could Provide Reprieve for AdTech Industry

USA - April 22 2019 On Tuesday, the California Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing to discuss SB-753, which, if adopted, would carve out from the California…

Matthew Sullivan

Judge Denies CBD “No THC” Appeal; CBD False Advertising Lawsuits Continue

USA - October 15 2019 As we discussed previously, a truck driver and his wife brought suit in New York federal court against three companies selling a CBD oil product the…

Kristi L. Wolff

CBD and False Advertising: Lessons Learned From The Food Court

USA - August 9 2019 CBD marketers can learn something from the food industry. And it has nothing to do with the regulatory morass around whether CBD can be legally added…

Kristi L. Wolff

Court Holds Hemp License is a Constitutionally-Protected Property Interest

USA - January 9 2020 On January 2, 2020, a federal district court judge in Minnesota found that a local hemp farmer had a constitutionally-protected property interest in…

Bezalel A. Stern