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California Passes Bill Requiring Reasonable Security Features for Connected Devices

USA - August 30 2018 Yesterday, the California legislature passed SB-327, a bill intended to regulate the security of internet-connected devices. Unlike the California…

Alysa Zeltzer Hutnik

SADDLE UP AMERICA: California Aims to Pass its Own GDPR Law

USA - June 7 2018 Just when you think you’ve tackled the Wild, Wild West of GDPR and privacy compliance, California decides to mix it all up again. This November 6th…

Alysa Zeltzer Hutnik, Dana B. Rosenfeld

GDPR SIDEBAR: Should You Be Complying with the New Data Protection Law?

European Union, USA - June 6 2018 You’ve probably heard of the dreaded four-letter word - GDPR. Companies around the globe had been preparing for the May 25th implementation date for…

Alysa Zeltzer Hutnik, Ilunga L. Kalala, Christopher M. Loeffler, Lauren F. Myers, Dana B. Rosenfeld, Sharon Kim Schiavetti

WTO and FAO Issue Publication on Trade and Food Standards

Global, USA - July 21 2017 The World Trade Organization (WTO) and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recently issued a joint publication, Trade and Food Standards…

Laura Siegel Rabinowitz, Sarah Roller

Indiana Amends Telemarketing Law, Bringing New Disclosure Requirements and DNC Vicarious Liability

USA - May 12 2017 Last month, the Indiana Governor signed into law House Bill No. 1444, which amends Indiana’s “do not call” statute and extends liability beyond the…

Alysa Zeltzer Hutnik, Ilunga L. Kalala