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FTC Seeks Rule to Collect Civil Penalties for Made in USA Labeling Violations

USA - June 29 2020 Further to ongoing efforts to evaluate and regulate how companies advertise and label that their products are “Made in the USA,” last week the FTC…

Alexander Schneider

Ad Law Access Podcast: Green Marketing

USA - May 21 2020 As we have written about extensively on this blog, consumers continue to grow more environmentally conscious and demand products that reflect this…

Lee Baumgardner

Earth Day 2020: Fashion Brands Continue Focus on Green Marketing

USA - April 24 2020 To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day this week, we look at the increasingly pressing topic of green marketing in the fashion industry…

Lee Baumgardner

FTC Delivers $9.3 M Reminder About Mail Order Rule

USA - April 22 2020 Yesterday, the FTC announced that online retailer Fashion Nova had agreed to pay a record $9.3 million to settle charges that it violated the Mail…

Gonzalo E. Mon

Challenges Shipping on Time Because of COVID-19? What You Should Know about the FTC’s Mail Order Rule

USA - March 27 2020 As localities order people to stay at home and non-essential businesses to close, consumers are turning to online options. Although you might welcome…

Khouryanna DiPrima