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Do Your Sponsorship Agreements Address Event Cancellation?

USA - March 10 2020 Over the past few weeks, a number of organizations have announced their plans to cancel conferences, festivals, and other events over fears about…

Gonzalo E. Mon

Insurance Coverage for Coronavirus-Related Event Cancellations

USA - March 9 2020 The emergence and spread of the novel coronavirus has led to the Cancellation of countless events and conferences around the world. In the past…

Insurance coverage for data breach claims

USA - November 14 2012 Data breaches caused by hackers or other forces outside the control of a business are a scary, and expensive, proposition for any organization that collects or retains personally identifiable information, or warehouses credit or financial information.

Commercial Insurance Provides Coverage for Businesses Damaged in George Floyd Protests

USA - June 2 2020 The spreading civil unrest across the country leaves many businesses vulnerable to property damage and loss of income. Most commercial property…

Neil Merkl, Sumithra Naidoo