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Coronavirus and the obligation to continue to pay rent

Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia - March 25 2020 Welcome to this special Client Alert of the Wolf Theiss Real Estate team, in which we address the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on lease…

Aleksander Duma, Denis Selimi, Tomasz Stasiak, Erik Steger

Tax newsletter - Austria 3/2019

Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia - October 24 2019 In a recently published ruling, the Austrian Ministry of Finance dealt with the question whether the Austrian home office of an Austrian tax resident…

Yanitsa Radeva, Melanie Dimitrov, Bence Kalman, Emilia Lhotka, Atanas Mihaylov, Sokol Nako, János Pásztor, Cynthia Pfister, Niklas Schmidt, Anna Sekowska, Eva Stadler, Dita Šulcová

Albania: taxation of indirect transfer of ownership

Albania - October 24 2019 On 1 January 2019, a significant amendment to the Albanian Income Tax Act came into force introducing new rules on the indirect transfer of ownership…

Sokol Nako