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Private M&A in Poland

Poland - March 27 2019 A structured guide to private M&A in Poland

Damian Majda, Anna Nowodworska, Karolina Stawowska

New rules for the filing of financial statements for 2018

Poland - March 12 2019 The Act amending the Polish Accounting Act and the National Court Register Act ("Act") has introduced changes that significantly affect the…

Jacek Michalski

Central Transportation Port - Huge Investment in the Middle of Poland

Poland - June 29 2017 It's official - the Central Transportation Port (formerly known as Central Airport) will be located between Łódź and Warsaw. It is expected to compete…

Complying with Poland's new law on payment delays

Poland - February 19 2020 On 1 January 2020, important legal provisions aimed[1] at reducing payment delays came into force (the "Act"). We have commented on the key changes…

Michal Koperski

Launch of the ultimate beneficiary owner register as of 13 October

Poland - September 4 2019 The Polish Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Act dated 1 March 2018 ("AML Act") introduced the Central Ultimate Beneficial Owner…

Anna Nowodworska