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The INFORM Act Passes; Combating Counterfeiting with Transparency in Online Sales

USA - January 18 2023 The recent passage of the Integrity, Notification, and Fairness in Online Retail Marketplaces for Consumers Act (INFORM Act) bears significant…

Robertson D. Beckerlegge, Megan Corrigan, Heather J. McDonald, Kevin M. Wallace

Crypto Research Published; USPTO Seeks NFT Input; SEC and FINRA Address Digital Assets; OFAC Settles with Exchange; DOJ Enforcement Continues

USA - December 2 2022 Staff from the Board of Governors of the U.S. central bank recently published a research paper addressing central bank digital currencies (CBDCs)…

Lauren Bass, Teresa Goody Guillén, Robert A. Musiala Jr., Amos Kim, Christopher W. Lamb, Joanna F. Wasick

Crypto Products and DeFi Pilot Launch; Reports Address NFT Royalties, Ethereum PoS Efficiency; IRS, CFTC, Address Crypto; Exchange Hacked for $28M

USA - November 4 2022 In a press release published this week, a major U.S. cross-border payments and money transfer company announced a new service in its existing mobile…

Teresa Goody Guillén, Robert A. Musiala Jr., Amos Kim

Crypto Products Launch; FSB, OECD Address Crypto Regulation and Tax; US Exchange Fined $24M; DOJ and SEC Actions Continue; Major Hacks Reported

USA - October 14 2022 This week, a major U.S. financial institution announced that its Digital Asset Custody platform is now live in the United States. According to a…

Teresa Goody Guillén, Robert A. Musiala Jr., Keith R. Murphy, Joanna F. Wasick

New Crypto and NFT Products Launch; Treasury Publishes FSOC Digital Asset Report; SEC Brings Enforcement Actions Against Crypto Promoters, Fraudsters

USA - October 7 2022 Last week, Circle Internet Financial, the issuer of USD Coin (USDC), announced plans “to make USDC available on five additional blockchain…

Lauren Bass, Robert A. Musiala Jr., Shade I. Quailey, Jordan R. Silversmith