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Telegram: Deconstructing One of the Biggest Blockchain Cases of 2020

USA - December 14 2020 The Telegram case is arguably the most important case of 2020 involving the legal classification of blockchain-based digital assets. Because it is…

Jonathan A. Forman, Adam D. Gale, Teresa Goody Guillén, John J. Harrington, Veronica Reynolds

An Introduction to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

USA - June 7 2022 Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the latest advancement in the ongoing evolution of the blockchain market. To help put this new phenomenon into context…

Keith R. Murphy, Veronica Reynolds, Joanna F. Wasick

Blockchain for NASA and IoT, Developments in Crypto Products and Payments, Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked

USA - January 18 2019 On Monday, NASA Ames Research Center published a paper about a permissioned blockchain framework that addresses privacy and security issues for FAA…

Roger M. Brown, Nicholas C. Mowbray, Simone O. Otenaike, Jordan R. Silversmith, Diana Stern

U.S. Bank Acquires Blockchain Infrastructure; SEC Approves Blockchain-Based Exchange; FTC Warns on Crypto Scams; NFT Threats, Crypto Hacks Reported

USA - February 4 2022 A well-known digital payments consortium sold its technology platform this week to a U.S.-based bank known for its cryptocurrency-related offerin…

Lauren Bass, Keith R. Murphy, Veronica Reynolds, Jordan R. Silversmith, Joanna F. Wasick

Blockchain Pilots Advance Across Manufacturing, Food, Pharma, Grant Management and Capital Markets Industries, Multiple Crypto Enforcement Actions in US

USA - December 20 2019 Last week, one of the world’s largest industrial Cobalt producers announced plans to join the Responsible Sourcing Blockchain Network (RSBN). RSBN is…

Simone O. Otenaike, Veronica Reynolds, Joanna F. Wasick