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Crypto Research Published; USPTO Seeks NFT Input; SEC and FINRA Address Digital Assets; OFAC Settles with Exchange; DOJ Enforcement Continues

USA - December 2 2022 Staff from the Board of Governors of the U.S. central bank recently published a research paper addressing central bank digital currencies (CBDCs)…

Lauren Bass, Teresa Goody Guillén, Amos Kim, Christopher W. Lamb, Sydney Park, Joanna F. Wasick

Crypto Market Data Published; Settlement Pilot Announced; Reports Analyze Crypto Scams; Exchanges Seek to Prove Reserves as Users Withdraw Funds

USA - November 18 2022 The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) recently published the results of a study “to investigate the drivers of crypto adoption” by assembling…

Amos Kim, Christopher W. Lamb, Keith R. Murphy

Stunning Collapse of Global Cryptocurrency Exchange FTX Leads to Bankruptcy

USA - November 15 2022 In a sudden and stunning collapse, FTX, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency exchange, run by 30-year-old Sam Bankman-Fried along with more than…

Michael T. Delaney, Elizabeth A. Green, Teresa Goody Guillén, Keith R. Murphy, Veronica Reynolds, Jorian L. Rose, Joanna F. Wasick

US District Court Finds LBRY Tokens Are Securities

USA - November 11 2022 In 2016, crypto startup LBRY launched the LBRY network and the LBRY protocol, described by LBRY as a decentralized content sharing and publishing…

Kevin R. Edgar, Adam D. Gale, Teresa Goody Guillén, Veronica Reynolds, Joanna F. Wasick

CBDC Report Published; Crypto and NFT Initiatives Launch; OFAC Redesignates Tornado Cash; SEC and CFTC Target Crypto Fraud; FTX Files for Bankruptcy

USA - November 11 2022 This week the New York branch of the U.S. central bank published a report on the Phase I results of Project Cedar, “a multiphase research effort to…

Amos Kim, Christopher W. Lamb, Veronica Reynolds, Joanna F. Wasick