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Alo Yoga Caught with Its Pants Down?

USA - July 2 2019 ERSP makes yoga apparel company hit the mat…

Amy Ralph Mudge

Influencers Tagged in Fyre Festival Subpoena

USA - February 13 2019 Unless you have been living several feet under a rock since April 2017, you have heard that the Fyre Festival was a disaster of epic proportions, a…

Amy Ralph Mudge

H&R Block Loses Challenge to Free File Class Action

USA - April 9 2020 IRS offers free tax prep through the company, but consumers allege misdirection…

Amy Ralph Mudge

Gigi Hadid “Obliterates” copyrights with fair-use bazooka

USA - June 28 2019 The story so far: Supermodel extraordinaire Gigi Hadid was sued in February by a company called Xclusive-Lee Inc. for allegedly copying a photo of…

Alan L. Friel, Amy Ralph Mudge, Randal M. Shaheen

Preppy Retailer Gets Sued Over Poorly Printed Receipt

USA - August 1 2019 Vineyard Vines accused of including customer expiration date on receipt…

Amy Ralph Mudge