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New Crypto and NFT Products Launch; Treasury Publishes FSOC Digital Asset Report; SEC Brings Enforcement Actions Against Crypto Promoters, Fraudsters

USA - October 7 2022 Last week, Circle Internet Financial, the issuer of USD Coin (USDC), announced plans “to make USDC available on five additional blockchain…

Lauren Bass, Robert A. Musiala Jr., Sydney Park, Shade I. Quailey

Crypto and NFT Firms Make Announcements; Treasury Interprets Crypto Reports; Crypto Enforcement Actions by CFTC, SEC, IRS, DOJ and States

USA - September 30 2022 In a press release this week, Voyager Digital, a cryptocurrency exchange that…

Robert A. Musiala Jr., Alex Karambelas, Maya E. Rivera, Joanna F. Wasick

NFT Initiatives Launch; OFAC Adds Crypto Public Keys to SDN List; Treasury Dept. Publishes Crypto Reports; Crypto Enforcement and Hacks Continue

USA - September 23 2022 A South Korean technology company has reportedly launched a weeklong promotion in the metaverse. According to reports…

Lauren Bass, Robert A. Musiala Jr., Keith R. Murphy

Ethereum Moves to PoS; Firms Launch Crypto, NFT Initiatives; EO Crypto Energy Impact Report Published; Crypto Addressed by OFAC, DOJ, SEC, U.S. Senators

USA - September 16 2022 After years of development and delays, Ethereum’s long-awaited “merge” occurred this week, changing the network’s consensus mechanism from…

Robert A. Musiala Jr., Keith R. Murphy, Joanna F. Wasick

NFT Initiatives Launch Across Markets; US Banking Regulators Address Crypto; DOJ and Congress Target Crypto Fraud; FBI Cites Risks as DeFi Hacks Continue

USA - September 9 2022 According to a recent press release, a major ticket sales and distribution company announced that event organizers who sell tickets on its platform…

Christina O. Gotsis, Robert A. Musiala Jr., Joanna F. Wasick