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New Initiatives Launch in Staking, DeFi, DAOs; IRS Issues NFT Guidance; White House Report Criticizes Crypto; SEC and DOJ Crypto Enforcement Continues

USA - March 27 2023 According to a recent press release, MetaMask Institutional, “the web3 wallet for organizations,” has launched its “institutional staking…

Lauren Bass, Robert A. Musiala Jr., Nicholas C. Mowbray, Keith R. Murphy

NFTs Used to Serve Complaint; Treasury Official, SEC Chairman Address Crypto Compliance; NYAG Sues Crypto Exchange; DOJ Takes Down Crypto Mixer

USA - March 20 2023 According to a recent press release, a major U.S. software company has launched a suite of tools that will allow users to “enter the Web3 and NFT…

Robert A. Musiala Jr., Christopher W. Lamb

Australia and BIS Address CBDCs; OCC, PCAOB and U.S. Senators Address Crypto Risks; SEC, DOJ and USSS Continue Crypto Enforcement Actions

USA - March 13 2023 In a recent announcement, the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Digital Finance Cooperative Research Centre (DFCRC) released details on an ongoing…

Lauren Bass, Robert A. Musiala Jr., Amos Kim, Keith R. Murphy

PoS Principles Published; Crypto Market Analysis and POC Announced; Court Interprets NFTs Under Howey; SEC, CFTC and DOJ Continue Crypto Enforcement

USA - February 27 2023 This week the Proof of Stake Alliance (POSA), a nonprofit industry alliance focused on proof of stake (PoS) ecosystems, announced their newly…

Robert A. Musiala Jr., Amos Kim, Christopher W. Lamb, Keith R. Murphy

DOJ, CFTC and SEC Bring Separate Actions for the Same Conduct: Alleged Digital Asset Manipulation and Fraud Scheme on Mango Markets Platform

USA - February 24 2023 The Department of Justice (DOJ) brought an action against Avraham Eisenberg for alleged commodities fraud, commodities market…

Teresa Goody Guillén, Sydney W. Park, Veronica Reynolds