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Pairing Real-World™ Problems with Realistic Solutions - a Push for Practical Information Governance

USA - June 18 2021 For those attorneys and Information Governance practitioners unfamiliar with recent pedagogic advancements, “real-world problem solving” moves…

Adam I. Cohen

The New (if Decidedly Not ‘Final’) Frontier of Artificial Intelligence Regulation

USA - April 27 2021 The week of April 19 was an eventful one for practitioners following the evolution of potential artificial intelligence (AI) enforcement both in the…

Stanton P. Burke, Chad A. Rutkowski, Nichole Sterling

Employee Training and Record-Keeping Requirements in the Final CCPA Regulations and a Preview of New Retention Requirements in the CPRA

USA - September 15 2020 The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) does not in itself outline specific employee training or record-keeping requirements that demonstrate…

Nichole Sterling

Key COVID-19 Considerations for U.S. Discovery and Information Governance

USA - March 20 2020 Many businesses have remote work and bring-your-own-device policies that cover access to company systems and information from personal devices. These…

Gilbert S. Keteltas

Record-Keeping and Training Requirements in the Proposed Regulations for the CCPA

USA - November 26 2019 The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), California Civil Code §1798.100 and following, does not in itself outline specific training and…

Nichole Sterling