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Jenny Craig Sheds $3 Million in TCPA Class Action Settlement

USA - August 21 2018 In May, Miami-Dade County resident Zoey Bloom filed an ambitious class action complaint against weight-loss giant Jenny Craig in the Southern District…

Alan L. Friel

Company Settles TCPA Suit, Sues Insurers for Not Covering Cost

USA - August 21 2018 Normally, we’d be writing about In Re Monitronics International, Inc., a multidistrict Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) litigation in the…

Alan L. Friel

Brooklyn Woman Puts the Squeeze on Florida Natural OJ Producers

USA - August 21 2018 Brooklyn, New York resident Alexandra Axon made a bold attack against companies from her home State’s distant cousin, Florida, in the Eastern District…

Alan L. Friel

Teen Hangout Site Shuttered for COPPA Violations

USA - August 21 2018 We’d like to give you some background on, but the site no longer exists...

Alan L. Friel

Six-Year Prison Sentence for Misrepresentation Upheld

USA - August 10 2018 Novel arguments from nonprescription drug hawker fall flat in the First Circuit...

Alan L. Friel