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UCAN Can't Pitch SuperStarch Benefits, Says Class Action

USA - July 30 2018 In July 2018, a class action was filed against the defendant, The UCAN Co., which alleged that the defendant's marketing violated numerous states'…

Alan L. Friel

Clorox Hit with Laundry List of Alleged Green Marketing Violations

USA - August 9 2017 Consumers launch a class action charging misrepresentations and false advertising, naturally...

Alan L. Friel

District Court Brings BOGO-free Claim Into Focus

USA - May 17 2018 In this era of acronyms - OMG, YOLO, MAGA - add BOGO: as in “Buy One Get One” free. It’s a familiar offer that’s at the heart of a recent class…

Alan L. Friel

NAD Says Cardio Miracle Creator Dodged the Question

USA - April 19 2018 Way back in 1998, three doctors were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their discovery of the cardiovascular effects of nitric…

Alan L. Friel

Success Rates for Neurofeedback Therapies Reviewed by NARB

USA - July 9 2018 The rising popularity of biofeedback Technologies is a manifestation of our culture’s infatuation with personal tracking and measurement…

Alan L. Friel