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Energy Drink Smackdown Begins in Cali Central

USA - September 21 2018 Energy drink manufacturer Monster has accused VPX of marketing its BANG drinks like a “modern-day snake oil.” VPX, which produces a range of health…

Alan L. Friel

Goop Doles Out Settlement for Rotten Egg Claims

USA - September 21 2018 The Goop saga has been hard to miss, but in case you’ve been hidden away under a rock (“earthing,” Goop would call it), here it is in a nutshell...

Alan L. Friel

Shocking Pics of Partying Rodents Keep Class Action Alive

USA - September 21 2018 In this case, the plaintiffs are Joanne Hart and Sandra Bueno, California consumers who brought a lawsuit against Bell + Howell and Van Hauser LLC…

Alan L. Friel

Not Too Early to Start to Prepare for New California Privacy Law

USA - August 21 2018 In late June, the California legislature signed into law Assembly Bill 375 (AB 375) as the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018…

Alan L. Friel

Cosmetic Company Attacks Foundation of Resell Claim

USA - August 21 2018 Back in March, we reported on a class action against Ulta Beauty and wondered aloud how the company would respond to the (rather serious) claims…

Alan L. Friel