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Balancing Transparency and Secrecy in Class Action Settlements

USA - May 4 2016 Companies have the right to protect their trade secrets against public disclosure, while class action members (and the judges who must determine the…

A WARNing to private equity regarding potential liability for employment decisions by portfolio companies

USA - October 3 2013 A federal district court in Indiana recently ruled that a plaintiff's class action lawsuit could proceed against both a New York private equity firm…

Arbitrators, not judges, must decide whether noncompetes are enforceable if there is an arbitration clause, says U.S. Supreme Court

USA - December 5 2012 On November 26, 2012, the United States Supreme Court held that the enforceability of a noncompete agreement containing a valid arbitration clause must be determined by an arbitrator in the first instance, not by a federal or state court.

Dawn Kennedy, John Siegal