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[email protected] - September 23, 2022

USA - September 23 2022 From the headline-grabbing terror of school shootings to the more quotidian - but still harmful - effects of social media (e.g., depression and…

Linda A. Goldstein, Daniel Kaufman, Randal M. Shaheen

The 14th Public Commission Meeting - Dark Patterns, Imposter Rulemaking and Yet Another Policy Statement

USA - September 16 2022 After a surprise three-month hiatus, we are back in business with our Federal Trade Commission (FTC or Commission) public and totally unscripted…

Daniel Kaufman

[email protected] - September 1, 2022

USA - September 1 2022 FOPNL. It’s sweeping the globe. What is it, you ask? A new government agency? An awful skin condition? A variant of the common cold…

Linda A. Goldstein, Daniel Kaufman, Randal M. Shaheen

The Matrix of Guardrails for the Metaverse Grows (Plus Weekend Movie Viewing Recommendations)

USA - August 26 2022 We are not quite at the Matrix moment of a red pill/blue pill choice yet, but we are moving closer every day to the possibility of a fully immersive…

Michael C. Ingram

TINA Issues Warning Letters to Celeb NFT Endorsers

USA - August 16 2022 From Eminem to Snoop Dog, Tony Hawk to Lionel Messi, William Shatner to Brie Larson, music, sports, and Hollywood celebrities have eagerly jumped on…

Lauren Bass