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Health Care Beat Episode 20: OSHA and CMS Vaccination Requirements for Health Care Employers

USA - November 22 2021 Health Care Beat is brought to you by Seyfarth's cross-Disciplinary health care team. Each Beat will focus on key industry and legal trends, while…

Adam H. Laughton, Adam R. Young

So Much for Management Rights Clauses — The Board Strikes Again

USA - September 14 2016 In Graymont PA, Inc. the Board majority ruled that a unionized employer cannot unilaterally change rules or policies that affect bargaining unit…

Karla E. Sanchez

Healthcare employers on the defensive: the continuing threat of class action lawsuits and regulatory scrutiny of overtime practices for nurses

USA - August 4 2015 Over the past decade, healthcare employers have faced a wave of wage and hour lawsuits challenging common industry pay practices for nurses and other…