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2020 Census: The Whereabouts of Paid Sick and Personal Leave Laws & State Gatekeepers

USA - January 11 2021 Roughly two years ago we introduced Seyfarth’s Infographic tracking the spread of paid sick leave and anti-local sick leave laws around the country…

Tracy M. Billows, Dana D. Howells, Ryan B. Schneider, Joshua D. Seidman

I’m sick and can’t come in — state & local governments take the lead in requiring employers to provide paid sick time

USA - July 30 2014 Tired of waiting for Washington to act, cities and states have resorted to legislative vigilantism and in the process they have created a patchwork…

Tara Ellis, Joshua D. Seidman

Updated New Jersey Family Leave Insurance Notice to Employees Released

USA - May 7 2019 Seyfarth Synopsis: Recently, the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development released an updated poster concerning Family Leave…

Meredith-Anne Berger, Joshua D. Seidman

If Pain, Yes Gain -- Part XVII: NYC Publishes Final Amended Sick Time Rules

USA - February 23 2016 After months of anticipation, New York City has adopted the final amended Earned Sick Time Act Rules (the "final amended Rules"). The final amended…

Joshua D. Seidman, Samuel Sverdlov

If Pain, Yes Gain—Part 57: Paid Sick Leave Bug Spreads to Westchester County, NY

USA - November 7 2018 New York City was the first municipality in New York State and one of the first municipalities in the country to catch the nation's paid sick leave…

Tracy M. Billows, Marlin Duro, Joshua D. Seidman