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I’m sick and can’t come in — state & local governments take the lead in requiring employers to provide paid sick time

USA - July 30 2014 Tired of waiting for Washington to act, cities and states have resorted to legislative vigilantism and in the process they have created a patchwork…

William P. Perkins, Joshua D. Seidman

Employer’s Duty to Accommodate High Risk Pregnancies

USA - October 23 2018 Earlier this month, Plaintiff Caroline Ruiz filed suit in the Southern District of New York against her former employer New Avon LLC, contending that…

Paul Galligan

Exclusion for Gender Reassignment Surgery May Violate Title VII and the Equal Protection Clause

USA - February 6 2020 Seyfarth Synopsis: On December 23, 2019, District Judge Rosemary Marquez ruled, in connection with a motion to dismiss, that Title VII does protect…

Nicholas De Baun

Exclusion for Gender Reassignment Surgery May Disadvantage a “Suspect Class”

USA - August 13 2019 Seyfarth Synopsis: In Toomey v. U of Arizona, No. 19-35 (D. Ar. June 24, 2019), the Magistrate Judge determined on a motion to dismiss that Title VII…

Nicholas De Baun

Retail Technology: All Talk, No Implementation

USA - September 6 2019 Prognosticators have long predicted technological advancements that will drastically change the retail industry. Retail-oriented technological…

Courtney Stieber