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California Releases Guidance on Pay Scale Disclosures

USA - December 27 2022 On December 27, 2022, the California Labor Commissioner’s office released eagerly anticipated Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”) on the State’s new…

Kristina M. Launey, Coby M. Turner, Annette Tyman

No Shame in the Pay Reporting Game: Pay Transparency Senate Bill 1162 Abandons Public Disclosure Requirement

USA - August 29 2022 SB 1162, which may soon be signed into law, will require employers to report even more pay data to the California Civil Rights…

A. Scott Hecker, Kristina M. Launey, Ian Long, Annette Tyman

Here We Go Again: California Civil Rights Department Releases FAQs on Amended Pay Data Reporting Requirements

USA - January 25 2023 On January 19, 2023, California’s Civil Rights Department (CRD) released FAQs regarding the recently amended California Pay Data Reporting Law…

Kristina M. Launey, Annette Tyman

Asked and Answered: Updates on California’s Pay Data Reporting Law

USA - November 25 2020 California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing released 16 new FAQs regarding the recently enacted Pay Data Reporting Law…

Christine Hendrickson, Annette Tyman

SB 1162 Approved: Prepare for Greater Pay Transparency Requirements

USA - September 27 2022 SB 1162, approved by Governor Newsom on Tuesday, September 27, will require employers starting January 1, 2023, to disclose pay scales to current…

Kristina M. Launey, Coby M. Turner, Annette Tyman