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The NLRB Telegraphs the First of Many Knockouts of Trump Board Decisions

USA - January 11 2022 As we previously reported here, in numerous dissents issued in 2021, the National Labor Relations Board’s Chair McFerran blasted the Boeing Co…

Jennifer L. Mora

City Council Provides for Labor Peace in Human Services

USA - September 21 2021 On August 18, 2021, Local Law 2021/087 was enacted to require City human services contractors and subcontractors to enter into labor peace agreements…

Ashley Ehman

Top Ten Considerations for Employers When it Comes to Potential COVID-19 Vaccine Programs

USA - October 7 2020 With the possibility of a COVID-19 vaccine on the horizon, many employers are starting to ask themselves how they’re going to handle this eventuality…

Ashley K. Cano, Joan E. Casciari, Karla Grossenbacher, A. Scott Hecker, Stan Hill

New York City Enacts Protections for Displaced Hotel Service Employees

USA - October 2 2020 Nearly eighteen years after the Displaced Building Service Workers Protection Act was signed into law, on September 28, 2020, Mayor de Blasio signed…

Samuel Rubinstein

Bill Expanding NYC Human Rights Law to Protect Independent Contractors and Freelancers Becomes Law

USA - October 14 2019 Seyfarth Synopsis: Once effective, the anti-discrimination and retaliation provisions of the NYC Human Rights Law will apply to freelancers and…

Meredith-Anne Berger, Howard M. Wexler