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Sweeping Changes to Enforcement of the Massachusetts Wage Laws May Be On the Horizon, and It’s Not Good News for Employers

USA - April 27 2022 In 2008, the Massachusetts legislature cracked down on employers who violate the Commonwealth’s wage laws by imposing mandatory treble damages and…

Barry J. Miller, Alison H. Silveira

No Quarter: SJC Mandates Treble Damages for Any Late Payment of Wages - Even Honest, Corrected Mistakes

USA - April 5 2022 On April 4, 2022, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court adopted an even more employee-friendly approach to damages for Wage Act violations in the…

Anthony S. Califano, Barry J. Miller, Emily J. Miller

Is Arbitration the Answer: Vaccination Arbitration?

USA - January 4 2022 We have written a lot about the pluses and minuses of requiring arbitration of employment disputes. The arithmetic is complicated and employers come…

John Ayers-Mann, Patrick J. Bannon, Anthony S. Califano, Arthur Telegen

Massachusetts PFML Update: Employees May Begin To Use Paid Family Leave To Care For A Family Member on July 1, 2021

USA - June 30 2021 Massachusetts rolled out its Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) benefits in two phases, with most benefits available as of…

Ariel D. Cudkowicz, Christina Duszlak, Daniel B. Klein, Jean M. Wilson

Is Arbitration the Answer: Can Companies Win Summary Judgment In Arbitration?

USA - June 7 2021 In comparing arbitration to litigation, it would be misleading to compare the time, cost and risk of resolving a case at an arbitration hearing to…

John Ayers-Mann, Patrick J. Bannon, Anthony S. Califano