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“IR laws top CEO concerns”

Australia - December 16 2022 This is The Australian’s 8 December 2022 headline. It reflects the result of its 2022 CEO Survey. We’re not surprised. It echoes the observation made…

Chris Gardner

Multi-employer bargaining under “Secure Jobs, Better Pay” - 10 implications for employers

Australia - December 5 2022 Across a range of disciplines, the Fair Work Amendment (Secure Jobs, Better Pay) Act 2022 will bring a paradigm shift. Indeed, on our count, there…

Chris Gardner

The psychological assumption behind multi enterprise bargaining

USA - November 22 2022 In our previous blog, Chris Gardner and I explained why in our view, if the Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill was made law, it would spell the end of…

Chris Gardner

The end of enterprise bargaining

Australia - November 8 2022 In our previous blog on the Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill, Darren Perry explained that the Bill would change the workplace landscape if passed. Why…

Chris Gardner

Should pay secrecy clauses stay or go?

United Kingdom - April 12 2022 There’s been a lot of debate in mainstream and social media in the past week about major Australian corporates removing pay secrecy clauses from…

Lauren Crossman