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ERISA Fiduciary Breach Litigation Can Involve Complicated Damages Analyses

USA - October 14 2021 If an ERISA plaintiff establishes a fiduciary breach, expect the computation of damages to be a complicated process that may enhance damages through…

Michael J. Cederoth

Who Is Liable for Withdrawal Liability? — The Seventh Circuit Explains An Expansive Definition

USA - July 19 2021 In a recent decision highlighting the potential for far-reaching responsibility for…

Thomas Horan

SCOTUS Doesn’t Want to Tell Us How They Really Feel About The ACA

USA - June 23 2021 Dismissal of ACA Lawsuit Based Only on Standing Grounds In Texas v. California, the Supreme Court rejected another challenge to…

Benjamin J. Conley

Ninth Circuit Rules - State Pension Mandate Not Preempted Even Though An Employer Chooses Not To Establish ERISA Plan

USA - June 4 2021 The Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has once again upheld against an ERISA preemption challenge, a State private sector…

Liz J. Deckman

Federal Court Allows Discovery In ERISA Case Based On “Information And Belief” Allegations That Plaintiff Merely Believed To Be True

USA - May 7 2021 A federal district court denied a motion to dismiss an ERISA complaint that was based in large part on secondhand “information and…

James M. Hlawek