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Thinking Clearly: Ithaca and Westchester County Require Pay Transparency In Job Advertisements

USA - June 21 2022 The wave of pay transparency laws is growing. The Westchester County, New York and the City of Ithaca are the two newest jurisdictions in the State…

Robert T. Szyba

NYC Amends Pay Transparency Law

USA - May 13 2022 Yesterday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams signed into law an amendment to New York City’s pay transparency law. Importantly, the amendment will push…

Robert T. Szyba, Annette Tyman

NYC to Require Employers to Disclose Salary Ranges

USA - January 20 2022 New York City has become the latest jurisdiction to impose greater pay transparency requirements. Effective on May 15, 2022, all…

Annette Tyman

Massachusetts Proposed Pay Scale Legislation

USA - July 8 2021 Proposed legislation would require many employers in Massachusetts to provide pay scales to prospective and current employees. A…

Daniel B. Klein, Hillary J. Massey, Barry J. Miller, Emily J. Miller

And the Beat Goes On - Nevada Now Among States Requiring Employers to Disclose Wage Ranges & Banning Salary History Inquiries

USA - June 30 2021 Nevada has enacted legislation that will require employers to provide applicants and some current employees with wage ranges for…

Christine Hendrickson, Annette Tyman