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Do We Finally Have a Final Answer on ESG Investments and ERISA’s Fiduciary Duties?

USA - December 6 2022 At the end of November, the DOL issued final regulations on ERISA’s fiduciary duties when investing plan assets. According to the DOL, these final…

Diane V. Dygert

Coffee Talk With Benefits Episode 5: Cryptocurrency Investments in Retirement Plans

USA - July 5 2022 Retirement plan investment in cryptocurrencies has been a hot topic of discussion in recent months. The Department of Labor’s reaction to Super Bowl…

Richard G. Schwartz, Sarah J. Touzalin

Between A Rock and A Hard Place... ESG Investments in 401(k) Plan Line-Ups

USA - May 20 2022 The ever evolving landscape of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and 401(k) plan investment options may have just…

Matthew Catalano

Feeling Like a Yo-Yo? Latest Swing in ESG Investments and ERISA’s Fiduciary Duties

USA - October 25 2021 For those of you following the saga of ERISA’s fiduciary duties and ESG investing, we are nearing a possible finish line. The…

Diane V. Dygert, Ameena Y. Majid

To Vote or Not to Vote? That is (Still) the Question

USA - January 28 2021 In mid-December 2020, after a truncated comment period and without public hearings, the US Department of Labor (DOL) finalized its…

Diane V. Dygert