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Website Accessibility Plaintiff Loses After Federal Trial On Standing and Other Grounds

USA - May 11 2022 A California federal court decided after a trial that a blind plaintiff did not have standing to bring a lawsuit about an…

Minh N. Vu

Bringing Website Accessibility Lawsuits in New York Just Got a Little Harder for Repeat Plaintiffs

USA - March 31 2022 New York federal courts have been inundated with website accessibility lawsuits in recent years and continued to lead the country with 2,074 cases…

Minh N. Vu, John W. Egan

Federal Website Accessibility Lawsuits Increased in 2021 Despite Mid-Year Pandemic Lull

USA - March 21 2022 ADA Title III website accessibility lawsuits filed in federal courts in 2021 jumped 14% over 2020, besting the 12% 2020 increase…

Minh N. Vu

As the Winn-Dixie Saga Finally Concludes in Florida, 181 Advocacy Groups Urge DOJ to Issue Website Accessibility Regulations

USA - March 7 2022 The Eleventh Circuit has refused to reconsider its decision to vacate its prior order and the trial court's judgment because of mootness; while…

Minh N. Vu

ADA Title III Federal Lawsuit Filings Hit An All Time High

USA - February 17 2022 As regular readers of this blog know, the number of ADA Title III lawsuits filed in federal court in 2020 dipped slightly under 11,000, but the…

Minh N. Vu