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In Policy Pivot, EEOC Revises Pandemic Guidance To Move Away From A “Direct Threat” Analysis and Focus on “Business Necessity” As Employers Return Employees To The Workplace

USA - July 18 2022 On July 12, 2022, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued updated guidance for employers on the interplay of…

Samantha L. Brooks, A. Scott Hecker

Impacts of 5th Circuit Extension on Employers' OSHA ETS Compliance

USA - November 15 2021 On Friday, November 12, 2021, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit extended its initial stay regarding OSHA’s COVID-19 Vaccination and…

Brent I. Clark, A. Scott Hecker, Ilana R. Morady, Elisabeth C. Watson, Adam R. Young

What Must Employers Do to Comply with OSHA’s ETS? Check out our Checklist for Answers

USA - November 12 2021 Your dedicated Seyfarth Team has created a checklist to help covered employers achieve compliance with the OSHA COVID-19…

A. Scott Hecker, Elisabeth C. Watson

Policy Matters Podcast - Episode 18: The Federal Government Wants Employers to Mandate Vaccines; The States? Not So Much.

USA - August 26 2021 Policy issues often have long term widespread and pervasive impact on businesses. Not only can new governmental policies significantly affect the…

A. Scott Hecker

Hot Off The Presses: EEOC Issues Highly Anticipated Vaccine Guidance

USA - May 28 2021 The EEOC has updated its Technical Assistance Guidance (“Updated Guidance”) related to COVID-19 and, in particular, what employers…

Jean M. Wilson