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Here We Go Again: Biden Administration Imposes a New Restriction on Travel from Several African Countries in Light of the Omicron Variant

USA - November 30 2021 As a result of the Omicron variant, the Biden Administration issued travel bans impacting non-citizens who have stayed in 8…

Jake Campbell

U.S. Announces Sweeping Changes for Nonimmigrant Air Travel to the U.S. - Q&A

USA - October 27 2021 The CDC issued new guidance clarifying President Biden’s October 25, 2021 Executive Order that impacts nonimmigrants’ international…

Jake Campbell, Michelle Gergerian, Gabriel Mozes

United States Expands Travel Restrictions to Include India

USA - May 3 2021 The President’s order expanding travel restrictions to include India will have a significant impact on U.S. companies with…

Jake Campbell, Tieranny L. Cutler

USCIS Announces Completion of Initial H-1B Registration Selection

USA - March 30 2021 USCIS officially announced that the number of electronic cap registrations exceeded the regular bachelor’s cap and advanced degree…

Jake Campbell, Michelle Gergerian

Previous Travel Restrictions Reinstated and Expanded As a Result of COVID-19

USA - January 27 2021 The President’s order, which reinstates and expands travel restrictions imposed by the prior administration, will continue to have a significant…

Tieranny L. Cutler