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Understanding Local Law 97 (LL 97): Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

USA - November 21 2022 New York City’s LL 97 is part of a package of laws referred to as the Climate Mobilization Act, intended to be New York City’s own “Green New Deal.”…

Dennis H. Greenstein, Christopher J. Palmese

Co-ops Now Exempt from Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act

USA - January 4 2022 While we look ahead to all that 2022 has to offer, we want to make sure you are aware of some significant developments impacting co-ops that took…

Jeremy A. Cohen, Dennis H. Greenstein

Vaccine Mandates for Condominium and Cooperative Building Employees: Union vs. Non-Union

USA - August 12 2021 Many condominium and cooperative boards in New York City have asked whether they can mandate the vaccination of their building employees…

Jeremy A. Cohen, Dennis H. Greenstein

New York Hero Act: Upcoming Deadlines for Condominiums and Cooperatives

USA - July 30 2021 Under New York’s latest workplace safety law (the New York Hero Act), all New York employers (including condominiums and cooperatives) must take the…

Dennis H. Greenstein, Daniel I. Small

New NYS Housing Law Requires Notice of Disability Accommodation Rights, But Sample Agency Form Raises Concerns for City Buildings

USA - March 25 2021 Cooperatives and landlords of residential buildings in New York State are required by a new law to provide written notice to…

John W. Egan, Dennis H. Greenstein, Bill Varade