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The Property Line: 2023 - A Year of Opportunity?

USA - March 20 2023 In Seyfarth’s 8th Annual Real Estate Market Sentiment Survey, executives across the commercial real estate sector shed light on their top concerns…

Ronald Gart, James C. O'Brien

The Property Line: Beyond the Bank Run - How the SVB Crisis Impacts CRE

USA - March 17 2023 Over the past week, first Silicon Valley Bank and then Signature Bank fell victim to bank runs and were taken over by the FDIC. These bank failures…

David M. Bizar, William J. Hanlon

The Property Line: Your Retail Tenant Files for Bankruptcy - What Now?

USA - February 27 2023 Retail bankruptcies are back, driven by high labor costs, rising inflation, and maturing debt. Even if a bankruptcy is a “financial restructuring,”…

William J. Hanlon, James C. O'Brien

The Property Line: CBRE’s Lens on What Lies Ahead for Retail

USA - December 5 2022 Despite indicators signaling a coming downturn, retail remains on the rise as companies expand at a brisk pace across the country. Are consumers…

James C. O'Brien

The Property Line: Current Market Trends and Industrial Investing Fundamentals with NorthBridge

USA - October 31 2022 Over the past few years, the economy in general, and commercial real estate markets in particular, have proved remarkably resilient - absorbing the…

James C. O'Brien