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The ReaList - Volume 1, Edition 1

USA - April 12 2017 A party that wishes to make its obligation subject to execution of a written agreement executed by both parties can do so, but must express that…

Miles M. Borden, Cyril M. Derzie, Dennis H. Greenstein, Stephanie Grimaldi, Cynthia J. Mitchell, Jonathan P. Wolfert

A Purchaser’s Guide for Preparing a Closing Checklist in a Skilled Nursing Home Property Acquisition

USA - December 16 2015 Below is a guide generally outlining the types of questions a purchaser should consider when planning to purchase, finance or develop a property on…

Cynthia J. Mitchell

Three important considerations when purchasing a property improved with a skilled nursing facility

USA - September 29 2015 The acquisition of a property improved with a long-term care facility, in particular a skilled nursing facility ("SNF"), presents certain unique…

Cynthia J. Mitchell