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Changes Coming to CA COVID-19 Requirements

USA - October 28 2022 Two big changes are on the horizon for California employers: (1) changes to the COVID-19 general exposure notification requirements and (2) a…

Patrick D. Joyce, Ilana R. Morady, Juan Rehl-Garcia, Coby M. Turner

Impacts of 5th Circuit Extension on Employers' OSHA ETS Compliance

USA - November 15 2021 On Friday, November 12, 2021, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit extended its initial stay regarding OSHA’s COVID-19 Vaccination and…

Brent I. Clark, Karla Grossenbacher, A. Scott Hecker, Ilana R. Morady, Adam R. Young

What Must Employers Do to Comply with OSHA’s ETS? Check out our Checklist for Answers

USA - November 12 2021 Your dedicated Seyfarth Team has created a checklist to help covered employers achieve compliance with the OSHA COVID-19…

Karla Grossenbacher, A. Scott Hecker

Mask Mandates and Recommendations Return

USA - July 16 2021 Los Angeles, Yolo, Sacramento, and Fresno counties currently have mask “recommendations” that are stricter than the State’s…

Elizabeth M. Levy, Valerie L. Rodriguez

Finally! Cal/OSHA Approves Revised Emergency Temporary Standard

USA - June 18 2021 Following a rollercoaster ride that lasted for weeks, and culminated in another 4.5 hour long marathon meeting, on June 17, 2021…

Daniel R. Birnbaum, Patrick D. Joyce, Coby M. Turner