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California Dances Away From The Whistleblower Three-Step

USA - January 31 2022 Addressing the method to evaluate a whistleblower retaliation claim under Labor Code section 1102.5, the California Supreme Court…

Francesca L. Hunter

Point Two L&E Nation: A Tribute to David Kadue, Architect of Seyfarth's California Peculiarities Publication

USA - September 21 2021 When employers across America face a labor or employment law issue on the Left Coast, a phrase they often hear is, “California it’s different.” For…

Chelsea D. Mesa

AB 51—Preempted, or Not Preempted? That Remains the Question

USA - September 16 2021 A divided Ninth Circuit panel has held that employer attempts to impose mandatory arbitration agreements on applicants or employees…

Bradley D. Doucette

FEHA Promotion Claims Accrue Upon Knowledge Of Denial, And Defendants Get Costs Only If Suit Was Groundless

USA - July 29 2021 Failure to promote claims brought under the Fair Employment and Housing Act accrue when the adversely affected employee knows, or…

Eric W. May

California Supreme Court Retroactively Penalizes Employers on Meal and Rest Breaks

USA - July 16 2021 The Supreme Court just held that employers, when calculating the premium pay due for failing to provide legally compliant meal and…

Alison Loomis