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Increasing Efficiency, Accuracy and Speed: The Use of Bot Technology in Real Estate Transactions

Global - July 19 2019 Future Enterprise strives to provide a platform for business leaders to better understand and adapt to today’s rapidly changing technological…

Kevin A. Woolf

The ReaList - Volume 1, Edition 2

USA - May 12 2017 On May 5, 2017, President Trump signed into law H.R. 244, which authorizes appropriations to fund essential government operations and programs that…

Stephanie Grimaldi, Juan D. Reyes, III, Owen Wolfe, Jonathan P. Wolfert

The ReaList - Volume 1, Edition 1

USA - April 12 2017 A party that wishes to make its obligation subject to execution of a written agreement executed by both parties can do so, but must express that…

Miles M. Borden, Elizabeth H. Dahill, Cyril M. Derzie, Dennis H. Greenstein, Stephanie Grimaldi, Jonathan P. Wolfert

A Purchaser’s Guide for Preparing a Closing Checklist in a Skilled Nursing Home Property Acquisition

USA - December 16 2015 Below is a guide generally outlining the types of questions a purchaser should consider when planning to purchase, finance or develop a property on…

Elizabeth H. Dahill

Three important considerations when purchasing a property improved with a skilled nursing facility

USA - September 29 2015 The acquisition of a property improved with a long-term care facility, in particular a skilled nursing facility ("SNF"), presents certain unique…

Elizabeth H. Dahill